Long Beach, CA


Ranker.com | Los Angeles, CA

Scriptwriter (January 2019 – Current)

  • Writes scripts for Ranker’s ongoing Weird History documentary series, which span the arts & entertainment, true crime, world history, and pop culture genres.
  • Researches, sources assets, and assists in production of each video.
  • Generates over 1 million YouTube views and over 2.5 million social media views per script, on average.

Freelance | Long Beach, CA

Writer / Editor / Copywriter (Current)

  • Creates content for online/print publications, niche e-commerce brands, and apps. Some assignments are pitched, others are assigned.
  • Past and current clients include Cracked, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Hollywood Records/Disney, Livestrong.com, ApartmentGuide.com, Rent.com, WebMD.com, DrKoop.com, DrDrew.com, AngelenoDwellOrange County RegisterAnthemNational Geographic.com, LB Post, Village Voice, and Def Jam/Phat Farm.


A&A Global Imports | Vernon, CA
Editor/Copywriter (September 2019 – May 2020)

  • Wrote and edited product descriptions for over 3,500 unique products on the company’s website and in its annual catalog.
  • Produced industry-related blogs focused on e-commerce, product knowledge, and industry
  • Created marketing materials such as catalogs, product comparison sheets, and press releases.
  • Wrote email newsletters, SMS, and social media copy for marketing campaigns.
  • Optimized product pages and blogs for search engines.

TV Time | Santa Monica, CA

Social Media Director / Editorial Director (February 2015 – June 2018)


Social Media Director

  • Elevated original video content, developed new verticals, and upgraded livestream coverage, including exclusive content for Comedy Central’s Roasts.
  • Drove a partnership between TV Time and Variety. Established combined editorial voice and cross-platform processes to boost in-app traffic and new user downloads.
  • Maximized social media, SEO, partnerships, and network relationships to increase traffic and revenue.


Editorial Director

  • Managed a team of staff and freelance editors, writers, and video producers. Increased original content production 1000%.
  • Developed and launched TV Time’s editorial brand with record growth at the first television entertainment community destination in Apple’s App Store.
  • Used viral video and blog content, social media outreach and strong SEO to build an audience of 12 million monthly unique visitors and 900,000 social followers in less than two years.


Leaf Group | Santa Monica, CA

Managing Editor / Social Media Director (May 2007 – February 2015)


Managing Editor

  • Managed several brands including Cracked, eHow, Livestrong, and Society6 over a period of seven years. This included developing cross-promotional content packages with national retail brands like Ford, Yahoo!, and Amazon.


Social Media Director

  • Showed month over month growth at a rate of 500 percent and reached 2 million followers across 10 verticals in one year. Before I left, I had created another 10 verticals, which generated 1.5 million more organic followers.


Citysearch (InterActiveCorp) | West Hollywood, CA

Managing Editor (April 2006 – April 2007

  • Managed an editorial team of 40 writers spread out over 20 first- and second-tier markets. Tasks included planning and creating features and “Best of” packages, while overseeing the production of more than 5 million listings with 20 million unique monthly visitors.


While I was in college working on an English major and knocking out 10-hour shifts at Tower Records, I'd spend most of my free time pitching features and concert reviews to dozens of local publications around Los Angeles.

After getting enough "Thanks, but no thanks" responses from unimpressed managing editors, I gave up on pitching and just decided to publish a 'zine on my own. In order to raise the $750 is was going to take to launch issue #1, I sold a big chunk of my vinyl to Rhino Records, the one in Claremont.

Selling my copy of Prince's Black Album for $150 tells you how desperate I was to launch, but in retrospect, it paid off.

The 'zine was a quarterly with a run of about 1,000 copies per issue. I wrote it, designed it, printed it, and distributed it to over 50 bookstores and record shops in Los Angeles and Orange County in my weather-beaten Mazda hatchback. 


About 18 months in, the publication grew to 10,000 copies per issue. I was even able to convince record companies like Sub Pop and Matador to buy full-page ads. I eventually got an overseas distribution deal and I was able to hire a few freelance writers. (Highlight of the 'zine years: Interviewing Johnny Cash at SXSW in '94 for a cover story and him calling me "young fella.")

Around this time, the founding editor of the OC Weekly mailed me a letter. It was actually an index card. He just wrote, "Would you like to write for the Weekly?"

Get paid to write? Yes, please.

A couple weeks later, I became one of his staff editors. He even gave me a weekly full-page column -- Boy About Town. It was a cross between Michael Musto's La Dolce Musto and the journal entries in Henry Rollins' Get in the Van

Once I started writing for the Weekly, my 'zine went from a quarterly to a bi-annual, to an annual. That said, I haven't published an issue since '98, but I'm always flirting with the idea of bringing it back for a limited run. Maybe once paper costs ease up.

After the Weekly, I wrote for a few more newspapers and magazines before I got my first web job at a site called Synge.com. (I wrote a cover story about the experience -- scroll down on my features page.)

Since surviving the great dot.com crash of '99, I’ve written, edited, and knocked out marketing copy for IAC (InterActiveCorp), Demand Media (now Leaf Group), TV Time as well as bunch of various magazines, newspapers, startups, and "lifestyle brands."

When I’m not in front of a laptop, I’m either at Fingerprints or taking photos of my favorite city in the world. My work has been recognized by Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, AdWeek, the OC Press Club, and a couple more. But you don’t care about that. Or do you?

If you want me to write for you, send a note...

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